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The Value of Quality

10/30/12 – At the American Hereford Association, our ranchers never forgot how good beef could be. That’s why, in 1995, we introduced an age-old solution to today’s beef quality crisis…Certified Hereford Beef®. You see, Certified Hereford Beef® uses only Hereford and Hereford crossbred cattle, genetically proven to produce that better beef we all long for.

Certified Hereford Beef® has none of the artificial ingredients, tenderizers or added water you’ll find on the labels of super-store beef. When you buy Certified Hereford Beef®, that’s all you buy- not the 12 percent added solution or four times more sodium of “enhanced” beef…

Hereford Burger provides restaurants with a way to maximize their menu’s profit potential by putting Hereford on the menu.  We source locally produced, genetically superior Hereford feeder cattle and place them in the best environment to enhance production and deliver unbelievable results to our restaurant partners and their patrons.  Contact us today to develop a customized program to differentiate your restaurant and maximize profitability and deliver mouth watering, delicious Hereford burger to your patrons.  You’ll thank us later.


As we studied the industry we found that when you ask most consumers to describe beef cattle, the first thing that comes to mind is the Herefords distinctive white face and red coat.  This is no doubt due to the proliferation of Hereford signs outside of high quality steakhouses of yesteryear.  As a matter of fact the only cattle breed that approaches customer recognition is the Holstein.  The Angus growers association has done a tremendous job of creating recognition of the certified angus beef and the ability for restaurants to charge higher prices for menu items containing Angus beef.  The issue has become that now Angus beef has become saturated from steakhouses to McDonalds and Cinemark. provides restaurants a way to deliver top quality burger to their consumers while differentiating their menu from competitors with a burger and breed that has long been the most recognizable symbol of quality beef .