About Us : Umbiggio Farms & Hereford Burger

JASON BISHOP, CEO of Umbiggio Farms and HerefordBurger.com, grew up on a Hereford cow -calf operation in Sedgwick, KS.  Mr. Bishop grew a personal herd of 20 purebred Hereford cows by the age of 16. 

Hereford Burger

During his time on the farm he learned the value of the Hereford breed from both an economical and quality of beef perspective.  As an adult, Mr. Bishop entered the finance industry and established three businesses that focus on independent restaurant financing.  

While researching parallel products that could be offered to his loyal restaurant clientele, he discovered that Hereford beef was undervalued in the current market and he felt that he could have a positive impact on his merchant base by assisting them in putting Hereford beef on their menu.  

In 2011, he started Umbiggio Farms with the goal of sourcing the highest quality, locally grown Hereford feeders, and using a local program to feed out and custom butcher Umbiggio beef to the highest standards.  

Lastly, provide this resource to his growing restaurant client base and demonstrate the value and sales impact Hereford beef can have on sales.  While sourcing and purchasing animals, Mr. Bishop recognized that different programs have different goals in their beef production, so another emphasis was added to the Umbiggio Farm’s vision – Umbiggio only sources genetically superior animals that are capable of the stringent production requirements of the HerefordBurger.com program.


GARY WOODY, Consultant to Umbiggio Farms and HerefordBurger.com, received his Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Education from Texas A&M Commerce and his Master’s degree in Industrial Arts – Agriculture.

Hereford Burger

Mr. Woody spent 35 years teaching Ag and Industrial Arts classes, with the last 30 years teaching in McKinney and Plano ISD.  He purchased his first Hereford cow in 1981 and purchased a total of 4 seed heifers.  

Mr. Woody currently has 35 producing cows and runs Woody Polled Herefords that produces show calves and feeder calves.  Mr. Woody’s program has focused on high standards that combine  visual appraisal, proven genetic values, and technology that produces the highest quality genetics for his program and his customers.  

His focus for Umbiggio Farms is consulting on cattle acquisition, herd health, diet, and breeding.  We have found his passion for the Hereford breed to be invaluable in growing our program.